Parents of former and current students:

“We’ve been delighted with the warm and caring atmosphere at The Magnolia School. I think our kids have also really benefited from the theme-based curriculum. I would have loved it as a student. There are very few worksheets! For an alternative school that puts a large emphasis on social development (which is important to me) they have an ambitious academic program.”

“Although all kinds of kids seem to do well at Magnolia, it’s an exceptionally good place for gifted children. The lack of grades keeps kids working hard, since they are challenged to do their best, not just an A. Multi-age classes make it easy to place children in the right math or reading group, regardless of their chronological age. And the theme-based instruction encourages kids to make connections and think critically about what they’re learning.”

“My kids loved the freedom to learn at their own pace and be physically active both in learning and outdoor play. How many schools have kids beg to stay for after school? The teachers, students, and parents were an extended family for all of us. Even years after we have been at the school, if something bad happens to someone in the Magnolia School Family, the ‘extended family’ will be there with loving support.”

“Our children attended The Magnolia School from kindergarten through 8th grade – 9 years. They are now very successful in high school, having easily transitioned and making As in honors and AP classes. I am very impressed in the education they received at The Magnolia School. The level of discussion at this school far surpasses any you would encounter in a public school.”

“We chose The Magnolia School for our children because our gifted daughter was bored in school and frustrated with the volume of busy work. In the first grade, she told me she thought school was supposed to be about learning. ‘It is,’ I said. Her reply? ‘No it’s not; it’s all about worksheets!’ And she was right! This is why my kids are at Magnolia School, where they are encouraged to ask questions and think critically.”

“It is hard to pick just a few memorable parts of our Magnolia experience. I think overall the warm atmosphere, home-like feeling, probably enhanced by the number of teachers our kids had from kindergarten all the way through 8th grade. This continuity really did create a second home where some of the teachers knew our family, and especially our kids, very well.”


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